Episode 15
‘’one more thing my dear’’ Cassandra prayed, drawing closer to me. I stared at her curiously, wondering what else she wanted to say.
‘’we wont be seeing each other again till after my exams. I will be very busy with school stuff once I get back to school in two days time, moreover our exams are very tough, and….’’ She tried to explain, but I instantly stopped her, placing a finger on her lips.
‘’I understand dear, no need to explain. Just study hard , your education matters a lot to me. I believe before the last week of march your exams will be over’’ I said softly while she nodded happily.
‘’yes, thanks for understanding and have a safe journey’’ she added sweetly…..
I returned to my apartment a very happy man. All the pains and bad feelings I had the previous day all disappeared. I hoped for best. I prayed for the best. I prayed for a happy ending.
I just couldn’t wait to start up the necessary marriage talks with Cassandra’s family. Easter was even too far to wait for.
Chinedu was extremely surprised when I told him about the trip the next day, of course he never believed Cassandra was going to take me to her home and never hid his surprise and feelings after i narrated everything to him.
‘’hmmmm my guy, I just don’t know what to say anymore. With the way things are, I think she sincerely likes you’’ he ended up saying.
‘’I plan taking Cassandra to see my family this coming Easter. By November , I will start up marriage talks and by December our wedding plans and ceremony will be fixed and ready. I just have to work more hard and make more money bro’’ I opened up to my friend.
‘’hmmm you are really serious brother. I guess it’s time I start making my own plans’’ he joked.
‘’no bro don’t start making plans for the future, continue playing around. By the time you finally get ready to get married my first daughter will be your bridesmaid’’ I joked back, leaving him laughing hard.
The rest of the month was totally uneventful. I concentrated on my business and worked extra hard to make something more out of it. Cassandra never visited like she said , but we spoke on phone every day. I really had nothing against the girl nor did she act in any way to make me doubtful nor suspicious of her movements, though we really were far from each other which made it impossible to watch her like I would have wanted .
Nora on her own part stayed away from me, she never checked up on me neither did I ask of her, however as neighbors we ran into each other occasionally.
March slowly sped by, leaving me more excited and hopeful with each passing day. I just couldn’t wait for Easter to arrive. I just couldn’t wait to introduce Cassandra to my family. I even had to tell all siblings and parents to get ready to meet the lady I was bringing home for them on Easter. I had to ask my siblings, including my sister who got married the previous year to come home for the major event. Of course it was to be a very big occasion in my family, the first time I was bringing home a lady.
Slowly the month of march wrapped up , leaving me high with excitement and expectation. Cassandra surprised me with a visit on Monday afternoon, just six days before Easter Sunday. I really wasn’t expecting to see her and due to that wasn’t at home when she called. I had to direct her to my shop.
She showed up with her travel bag and a big nylon bag she held with her left hand, breathing heavily.
At first glance, I thought she was coming to stay with me till the D day which made me more happy and excited but after welcoming her, she told me she was on her way home for the holiday but just stopped by to surprise me, dashing my hopes with the explanation.
At the end of the day, she ended up leaving with ten thousand naira, which was the amount she needed in fixing her hair, sewing a new cloth and for her transportation to my home town on Easter Sunday…
I returned to my village on Saturday evening to be with my family and wait for Cassandra’s appearance. My sister tried to force me into describing how the person they were all expecting looked like but I had to keep everyone in suspense till Sunday afternoon when Cassandra arrived leaving everyone breathless.
My sister was completely dumbstruck and overwhelmed as she
saw my beauty Queen who equally was her friend walk into the house with a graceful smile.
To be continued.



The look on everyone’s face as I led Cassandra into our old sitting room was quite revealing . The smile on my parents face made me proud and happy, my brothers equally nodded in admiration but my little sister simply stared at us as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, leaving me a bit worried with her shocked expression. I instantly regretted not carrying her along and letting her know on time about my relationship with Cassandra. Moreover the girl in question was no other person than her school mate and friend.
However my failure in telling my sister anything concerning my relationship with Cassandra was firstly because she was my junior in every aspect and I couldn’t bring myself to discuss such issue with her even though as a married woman I wasn’t supposed to be seeing her as a kid anymore but i still did.
‘’Cassandra!’’ my shocked sister finally exclaimed, leaving my parents more surprised and curious.
‘’you know her?’’ my mother quickly asked. She nodded quietly.
‘’yea she is my school mate and friend but I’m just surprised because I never suspected nor excepted to see her with my brother’’ she quickly answered.
‘’well I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone’’ I intelligently cut In, smiling as i tightened my grip on Cassandra who looked a bit nervous…
”wow such a beautiful girl. welcome to the family” my dad smartly added, killing the little tension in the room.
We all relaxed as everyone finally accepted and treated Cassandra as a member of the family, apart from my sister who still behaved strangely.
Cassandra spent close to four hours with us, charming everyone with her behavior and manners. My parents quickly fell in love with her, same as my brothers who congratulated me in securing the heart of a very educated and sophisticated girl.
My sister was the only person whose cold attitude disturbed me. She simply kept to herself and only spoke when spoken to. I really couldn’t pick out what made her so cold and gloomy, a behavior she wasn’t used to. I equally was more disturbed due to the fact that Cassandra was her friend. A girl who equally attended her marriage ceremony the previous year.
My sister’s behavior really disappointed me and it was with utmost restraint that I held myself from pouring out my frustration on her.
Cassandra on the other hand, pretended not to notice my Sister’s behavior, instead acted so cool and mature like a very good actress, impressing me a great deal.
‘’ I hope you will visit us as often as possible. I cant believe I have gotten fond of you in such a short time” mum begged as Cassandra got ready to leave. She smiled gracefully,
‘’yes of course, I will always visit to see you. I feel so happy being here with you’’ she answered sweetly. My mother hugged her happily.
‘’such a wonderful lady she is. Hmmmm she’s lovely’’ I overheard dad say as I escorted Cassandra out of the house.
I was a happy man. So fulfilled and contented.
‘’thank you for making me a happy man. I just cant describe how I feel right now. Listen, from this moment you will be my responsibility, my sole responsibility. You made me happy and proud. You will never lack a thing. You deserve all the good things in the world’’ I promised my beauty queen as soon as we were all alone in my car. She beamed with joy, smiling deeply as she reached out with her hand to touch my cheek.
‘’come on why are you being overly nice?. It’s not as if I did something extra ordinary. Your family were very nice to me and that made my visit so memorable’’ she replied like an innocent little girl. I stared deep into her eyes with so much love.
To me Cassandra was everything. Pure, beautiful, awesome, sophisticated and polished. My love for her kind of increased with every passing minute.
‘’but your sister. She’s my friend but there is no doubt she isn’t happy seeing me with you. The reason for such behavior, Is what i don’t know’’ she added, looking down like someone who just received a terrible punch on the face. I slowly held her hand.
‘’I will talk to my sister. She’s a small girl’’ I murmured nervously with a fast pounding heart. She breathed deeply and raised up her face.
‘’well it’s very common. Most girls don’t like seeing their friends hanging out with their brothers. It’s quite understandable’’ she breathed.
‘Please say nothing more” i begged, clasping her hands.
I finally dropped Cassandra off at the village motor park where she took a bus heading back to Owerri. I returned to meet my sister waiting for me in front of our house. But before I could even say a word, she surprisingly confronted me, leaving me extremely shocked and stunned.
‘’come on big bro, what the the hell are you doing with Cassandra?, of all the girls in the world, you picked Cassandra. Are you so blind?, cant you see she is so fake?. What did she do to you?’’ she asked, grabbing my right hand strongly.
‘’you know, I don’t just get you. If there is anything you need me to know about Cassandra better spit it out now?’’ I barked, drawing the attention of everyone in the house as I stared down on my sister, expecting an answer…
To be continued


Episode 14
Minutes after the phone call,
Chinedu showed up at my
apartment to check up on
me. He really was worried by
the cold manner I answered
his call the previous day and
quite knew that something
wasn’t alright.
‘’I knew it. I knew
something was wrong
yesterday. Your voice was so
strange and different. i
sensed it’’ he said seriously
after I told him all that
happened the previous day
plus Cassandra’s phone call
minutes ago.
‘’so what do you think bro?’’
I asked while he shrugged.
‘’it’s very obvious Cassandra
spend Valentine’s day with
her school boyfriend or
someone she met before
you. It’s very common
among students but by her
calling you early today, it
shows she still wants to
keep you by her side.
Everything is in your hands.
It’s left for you to continue
or not but as for me you
know I do prefer Nora over
the pretty girl’’ he said
seriously. I rubbed my face
with my palms with worry,
very uncertain of which part
to follow. The love i had for
Cassandra was so real and
pure. it wasn’t something
that could be waved away
so effortlessly.
Marrying the pretty girl was
an accomplishment I so
badly wanted to achieve but
with the situation of things,
I just wasn’t sure of myself
anymore. Moreover cutting
my relationship with her at
that early stage also meant
abandoning the money I
already had invested on her.
My phone rang that moment
and it was Cassandra calling
again. I stared at my phone
for some seconds before
‘’hi dear, are we still going
to see my family today?’’ she
‘’yes we are’’ I answered,
leaving her silent for some
seconds as she probably
pondered over my answer
and how to reply me.
‘’it’s just as if you are
rushing things for no
reason, but it’s alright I’m
already on my way to your
house’’ she muttered and
hung up.
Chinedu took his leave soon
after, but he equally
dropped another advice,
begging me to be careful
and think things through.
By 10am that fateful
morning, Cassandra arrived
at my apartment looking
very sharp and beautiful in a
green gown. Seeing her
looking so hot and mature
removed all the doubts and
bad feelings i was having
before she arrived. I
swallowed hard as i
admired her beauty while
she graciously threw herself
on me, apologizing once
again for disappointing me
the previous day. I smiled
with great joy.
Minutes later, we left my
apartment and headed to
Porthacourt, stopping on
the way to buy some things
for her family.
It really

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was an uneventful
drive from Owerri to
Portharcourt. We said
nothing much to each other,
instead concentrated on our
thoughts. In no time we
arrived at her family house,
which surprisingly was
located in a plush
No one was at the house
when we arrived but after
waiting for some minutes
Cassandra’s mother showed
up, looking very surprised.
‘’my dear you never told us
you were coming home, nor
coming with a friend.’’ Her
mother queried, hugging
her daughter and expertly
seizing me up.
‘’yes mum, it was a sudden
decision. Actually I planned
coming yesterday’’ she
replied softly before
introducing me to her
I spend close to three hours
in Cassandra’s house. Her
mother was very friendly
and kind. She welcomed me
as if I was part of the family
and equally served me a
wonderful meal of pounded
yam and vegetable soup.
Cassandra’s father who
showed up later in the day
was more reserved and a bit
cold. He asked very prying
and unnecessary questions
which I answered easily.
However I made no mention
that I was interested in
marrying their daughter
because it was my first visit
and traditionally not
acceptable to do so in the
first visit.
By 4:30pm, I got up to leave,
very satisfied and happy.
Cassandra told that she was
staying to spend some days
with her family , something I
never expected but quickly
‘’so you see, I have nothing
to hide. My ways are plan
and simple. You have seen
my family, haven’t you?’’’ she
asked with her usual killing
smile as she escorted me to
my car. I smiled back with
great happiness.
”i’m a very plain girl. you
should learn to trust me”
she added very innocently,
leaving me with no cause to
worry about anything. I
stared deep into her eyes
and held her hands.
‘’I will take you to my family
during the coming Easter
celebration. I can’t wait to
introduce you to my whole
family’’ I muttered, stunning
her with my words. She
froze and stared at me with
disbelief while I nodded like
a happy lizard.
‘’you are going to be mine
sooner than you expect
dear’’ I said in my mind, very
sure of myself.
Marrying the beautiful
damsel was the only thing in
my mind that moment. I
hoped for the best. I prayed
for a wonderful life with
Oh Cassandra.
To be continued.



Episode 13
I just cant describe how I
felt that early Valentine’s day
when I dialed Cassandra’s
number and found it was
switched off. At first I had
hope that she would soon
switch on the phone since it
was still early and probably
was switched off as she
slept the previous night. But
as 12noon approached and
the phone was yet to be
switched on, I became
extremely worried, scared
and suspicious. I painfully
realized that her phone was
most likely switched off to
avoid my calls. A realization
that clouded my entire
being. I felt so terrible, so
humiliated, so deceived. I
felt like smashing my head
on the wall.
A day that was supposed to
be one of my most
memorable days slowly
turned into a painful
nightmare. I couldn’t believe
Cassandra could play me in
such manner. I couldn’t help
but think of what she could
be doing that very moment.
‘’she’s most probably with a
guy or about seeing
someone else’’ I reasoned
with great pain. All the plans
and hopes I had for that day
slowly dashed.
I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t
think properly. I couldn’t
even do anything.
To make matters worse my
friend Chinedu called to
know if Cassandra and I had
finally gotten to
Portharcourt. Something he
did so innocently as a friend
but his question left me
feeling more bitter. I
couldn’t even tell him that
Cassandra was yet to show
up. I couldn’t tell him that
Cassandra was
disappointing me.
‘’please bro, I will call you
later’’ was all I managed to
say before ending his call.
Slowly the clock struck 2pm
with Cassandra’s phone still
switched off, nevertheless I
still had some faint hopes
that she would show up. .
‘’dear lord, don’t let her
disappoint me’’ I prayed
My heart really was more
than shattered and broken. I
had that painful feeling we
guys get when we catch the
person we love so much
cheating on us. Mine was
even more painful because i
trusted the d--n girl with all
my heart.
I was close to tears as the
clock struck 7pm without
Cassandra showing up nor
her phone switched on. I
hopelessly went to bed with
an empty stomach and a
broken heart.
I couldn’t believe it was all
happening. My life just came
to a standstill . I felt terribly
bad and sick. I couldn’t help
but come to the conclusion
that the woman I loved so
much was playing me like a
leather ball. Oh it was such a
painful feeling of
hopelessness. But the
unfortunate and surprising
thing of it all was that my
heart was ready to forgive
I was still ready to do
everything for her.
Finally early the next day, my
phone woke me up with its
loud ringing tone. I grabbed
my phone to see that it was
Cassandra who was calling.
My heart froze as I nervously
‘’I’m so sorry for
disappointing you dear. My
phone was down yesterday
and there wasn’t any
electricity in my hostel to
charge the phone. Moreover
I also woke up with a
terrible stomach upset. I
vomited all through
yesterday. I was even unable
to leave my bed. Please I’m
so sorry for disappointing
you’’ she apologized
effortlessly, leaving me
breathing deeply.
To be sincere with myself, I
knew she was lying but I
closed my heart to it and
chose to believe all she said.
I just was badly in love with
her, moreover hearing her
voice very early in the day
changed my feelings. I
suddenly became happy
once again.
‘’please I’m ready to do
anything to relieve the pain I
probably caused you
yesterday’’ she added.
‘’the only way you can
compensate me is by
coming over as soon as
possible’’ I muttered
‘’’fine, I’m on my way then’’
she accepted quickly and
hung up, leaving me with
the strangest feeling I ever
I was so much in love with
Cassandra but for the first
time I was scared of my
future with her.
To be continued


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Episode 12
‘’what can’t be my dear?’’i
asked , holding her with
concern. She shook her
head and stared into my
‘’such strong love. So
powerful and pure. I cant
believe you feel so much for
me’’ she poured out, melting
my heart with her words. I
smiled with satisfaction.
‘’but please let’s just sleep. I
want to sleep now’’ she
begged, leaving me with no
choice than to shrug with
resignation even though
deep down I still badly felt
like exploring her to my
satisfaction. I never believed
in holding s-x till marriage. It
was one of the things I
hated to even imagine,
nevertheless I was ready to
let her be for the night.
‘’there isn’t any need
rushing things’’ I reasoned.
Nothing eventful happened
early the next day. However
Just like the last time she
visited, she cleaned my
house and cooked for me.
By 4pm we visited chinedu
who hosted us at a plush
eatery close to his
apartment. It really was an
opportunity I used in letting
my friend check out
Cassandra who as usual
behaved her best. She so
totally impressed Chinedu
that he ended up smiling
and nodding to all she did..
But as we returned to my
apartment hours later, we
ran into Nora at the
corridor, something i so
much wished not to happen
and It equally was my first
time of seeing her after the
passionate evening we
shared a week a ago. Nora
froze on seeing us while I
quickly regained my
composure and greeted her
‘’wow Nora, it’s been a while
ooo. How have you been
doing?’’ I greeted quickly.
She forced out a smile ,
throwing a quick look at
‘’oh yes I have been busy.
Good evening’’ she greeted.
‘’meet my friend Cassandra.
the girl I told you about
sometime back’’ I
introduced, Cassandra
blushed and greeted .
‘’you are welcome my dear.
Please make my neighbor
very happy. The poor guy
wont let me rest with your
story’’ she politely said to
Cassandra who blushed
once again. I stared at her
with disbelief. I couldn’t
believe she could act so cool
and friendly before
Cassandra. My guilty
conscience instantly began
hurting me.
‘’okay now. Good night’’ She
greeted and walked past us
while I slowly went into my
apartment with Cassandra
who never noticed how
miserable and shaken up I
As we settled for down for a
good night sleep. I hungrily
stared at Cassandra once
again, overly tempted to
pounce and make love to
the beautiful girl. I really was
so h---y and desperate. I just
couldn’t continue staring at
the food before me, unable
to do a thing.
‘’Cassandra dear’’ I breathed,
placing my hand on her
‘’what is it again? ‘’ she
asked sleepily .
‘’you didn’t say anything
concrete when I brought up
the proposal of seeing your
parents on valentine’s day’’ I
asked, gently caressing her
body as I slowly made my
way to her b----t.
‘’I think you are just rushing
things between us.
Something as delicate as a
relationship shouldn’t be
rushed. We still have a lot of
time to know each other.
I’m really not in support of
you seeing my family so
soon’’ she replied, removing
my hand from her body and
getting me very angrily for
the first time. Perhaps it was
the s-x I knew I wont get
that night or the way she
removed my hand from her
body that got me very upset.
I sprang up with great
energy, breathing furiously
with annoyance.
‘’what’s with you eh?. I help
you out in everything. I’m
even ready to do more, yet
you still treat me like an
acquaintance. I’m not even
qualified to see your family
talk more of touching you.’’ I
fired angrily. She instantly
sat up with fear, totally
surprised that i could raise
my voice on her.
‘’calm down please. You
simply misunderstood me’’
she murmured, holding my
hand softly and calming me
with her words.
‘’’I’m so sorry dear. Fine we
will go together to see my
parents on valentine’s day’’
she suddenly accepted,
leaving my heaving a sigh of
relief. I realized that moment
that acting manly sometimes
is needed to make things
‘’are you happy now?’’ she
asked while i shrugged with
resignation. She smiled and
fell back on the bed.
‘’just hold me tightly , lets
sleep’’ she added and
backed while I slowly fell
back on the bed and did as
she requested.
Cassandra left on Sunday
evening with eighteen
thousand Naira, promising
to show up early on
valentine’s day. I really was
so happy that finally I wasn’t
only getting her love, but
equally having a control over
her life.
I shared my experience and
feelings with Chinedu the
next day at his shop.
‘’well Cassandra is quite a
charming lady. I have
nothing else to say about
her. So my dear friend, all I
will do is just to sit and
watch as things unfold
between you guys’’ he said
with a shrug.
I was left with no choice
than to nervously wait for
valentine’s day to arrive. I
literally counted the days as
I anxiously waited.
But Unfortunately for me,
Cassandra never picked my
calls nor showed up on
valentine’s day.
To be continued



Episode 11
Later in the night as we
settled for a good night
sleep. My heart pounded
quickly out of excitement. I
really was dying to make
love to Cassandra. I so badly
wanted to take the kiss she
gave me earlier in the day
which was still fresh in my
memory to the next level. My
excitement knew no
‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed,
grabbing her waist as my
heart pounded faster..
‘’I so much love you. I so
much want to be with you
for the rest of my life. Please
make me a happy man.’’ I
pleaded. She smiled and
breathed deeply.
‘’I’m here with you my dear.
I have no plans of going
anywhere’’ she replied
sweetly. I drew closer,
kissing her forehead. She
kept quiet and closed her
eyes, an action which I saw
as a green light to continue
with what I planned doing.
I so much wanted to make
love to her. I so much
wanted to relieve the
tension in my waist. I so
much wanted to be inside
her. I so badly wanted to
hear her scream and moan
underneath me. I so much
wanted to taste my
Cassandra. I so much
wanted to have a taste of
her juicy body.
Slowly reaching down, I
touched her b----t as the
second step in tuning her
up, slowly fondly the right
side but she quickly held my
hand, stopping me.
‘’oh Dave what do you
want?’’ she asked like a
child. I swallowed hard, and
kissed her lips.
‘’I badly want to make you
mine. I love you so much
Cassandra. I want you’’ I
breathed. She quickly drew
back and sat up.
‘’we need to talk’’ she said,
looking very serious.
‘’what do you want us to
talk tonight?’’ I asked, sitting
up and quickly controlling
my raging hormones which
were in the process of
blowing out of proportion. I
switched on the electric
table lamp beside me in
order to see her face clearly.
‘’yes I know you have been
doing a lot for me lately. You
have a very good and noble
heart. All that i appreciate
but I’m still yet to make a big
decision concerning our
relationship. Things
between us are speeding
much more than can be
imagined. Yes It’s a good
thing but nevertheless we
should respect each other .
A relationship is all about
knowing each other,
building up trust and setting
up a harmonious future. S-x
is never a priority and
should be something done
when the relationship has
reached maturity. And what
I mean by maturity, is after
the relationship has been
legalized by marriage. In
other words, I’m among the
few ladies who believe in
*no s-x before marriage*’’
she preached, leaving me
totally demoralized with her
Sensing my mood, She drew
closer and caressed my
chest, smiling reassuringly.
‘’listen my dear, s-x isn’t
something unmarried
couples should engage in.
it’s a very big sin, moreover I
made a vow to God that I
will keep my body and heart
pure till marriage only if he
will get me a good man. God
answered my prayers by
bringing you to me and I
have to keep my vow’’ she
added solemnly, throwing
herself on me in an
embrace. I held her tightly,
sad but comforted with her
‘’so when are we meeting
your parents. I’m so much in
a hurry to meet them. I’m so
much in a hurry to take our
relationship to the next
level’’ I pushed on,
surprising her with my
words. She quickly broke
free from me and stared
into my eyes. It was very
obvious she wasn’t
expecting such words from
‘’valentine’s day is about two
weeks away. How about we
visit your family and
celebrate the festive day
with them?’’ I offered
seriously,pushing her back
with my words. This time
her face colored up with
astonishment. Her hands
shook for no reason.
‘’I’m very serious about you.
I now leave the yam and
knife with you. Everything is
in your hands. Just tell me
how it’s going to be like. Will
you take me to your family
on Valentine’s day?’’ I
pushed on, drawing close to
kiss her.
‘’do you really love me that
much?’’ she asked with a
slow whisper, surprising me
with the question.
‘’oh yes I love you so much
my dear. I will do anything
to prove it’’ I replied quickly
but the next thing I saw
was tears in her eyes.
Cassandra started crying for
no reason. Perhaps it was
tears of joy..
‘’no it cant be’’ she cried and
backed me.
To be continued`



Episode 10
I Laid low for the rest of the
week, keeping to myself and
attending to my businesses.
I traveled to Onitsha during
the weekend to check up on
my brother and my shops
which were doing very well
like i expected.
I returned to Owerri, the
next Monday with my mind
focused on taking my
relationship with Cassandra
to the next level. I planned
inviting her over and getting
her to at least introduce me
to her family. I desperately
wanted to sped up my
relationship with her. Oh yes
I was very much in a hurry
to wed the pretty damsel. I
had the money. I had the
required love. What again
could stop me from getting
married as soon as
I wasted no time in inviting
Cassandra over again. At
first she tried to come up
with an excuse when I
muttered the invitation but
after insisting, she agreed to
come over on Friday which
was roughly four days away.
As for Nora, I tried my best
to avoid her, which made
me to always leave very early
to my office each day and
return very late at night in
order not to run into her.
I avoided her out of nothing
else but guilt. I couldn’t bear
seeing her face after that
night of wondrous passion
we shared. Deep down I
really wanted to know how
she was faring but had to
avoid her because I had to
hide from the guilt of seeing
her looking so hurt.
Friday quickly approached
with Cassandra showing up
by 4pm. I had to leave my
shop early just to be at
home and wait for her
arrival. I was extremely
excited like a guy dying of
‘’I’m so happy to have you
here my dear’’ I said happily
as I let her into my
apartment. She smiled
sweetly, melting my heart
more with her charming
‘’I’m equally glad to be here
with you. It’s just as if we
haven’t seen each other for
ages’’ she said like a girl fully
in love. I drew close and
hugged her from behind,
breathing in the scent of her
‘’but dear I’m really heading
to Portharcout right now’’
she added, freezing my
heart with the unexpected
‘’I thought I invited you for
the weekend?. I thought
you are here to be with
me?’’ I stammered
‘’I’m going home to see my
parents. You see I have to
try squeeze out some
money from dad. I have
three expensive text books
to buy. So I’m on my way
home to get the money. I
only stopped here out of
respect and due to the fact
that you literally begged me
to come over. Our exams are
starting in late February and
if not for it i would have
stayed with you this
weekend and then travel
home the following
weekend ’’ she muttered,
breaking free and facing me
with innocent eyes.
Her words, behavior and
composure looked so real
and convincing. I had no
reason to doubt her. But I
just couldn’t let her leave. I
was so happy seeing. I so
badly wanted to be with
her, moreover seeing her
that evening increased
everything I felt for her.
‘’don’t look so sad. You see
this is beyond my control.
I’m so sorry’’ she apologized
‘’how much are the text
books?’’ I asked. She
swallowed hard and
‘’They are quite expensive’’
she stammered.
‘’how much?’’ I asked again.
‘’The three is fourteen
thousand Naira, plus a
practical journal that cost
one thousand Naira’’ she
answered. I kept quiet for a
while, as I ran some
calculations in my head.
‘’no I just cant let her go
home because of fifteen
thousand Naira. Being with
her makes me so happy. No
I cant let her go’’ I
concluded as i breathed
‘’supposing I provide the
money will you stay the
weekend with me?’’ I asked
‘’yes of course I will, but it
isn’t necessary. I’m still my
parents responsibility. You
have already tried by
helping me with my hostel
rent’’ she answered weakly.
I smiled and placed my
hands on her shoulders.
‘’don’t worry, just be with
me. By Sunday I will give you
the money’’ I suddenly
offered, drawing out the
wildest gasp from her.
‘’oh my gosh. This is
unbelievable. You are simply
amazing’’ she breathed,
grabbing my face and giving
me the most hottest kiss I
have ever gotten. My head
exploded a million times
”i so much thank God for
bringing you into my life in
this difficult moment. I never
imagined such a generous
person like you will come
into my life. you are simply
the best” she cried, kissing
me once again without any
reservation, in a manner i
never expected. I held on
tightly to her, so happy that
finally i had her love in my
hands. Finally i had her
under control.
But what i failed to realize
was that the pretty girl was
so good in making a man
fall helplessly in love with
her. She was so good at it,
even way better than our
Nollywood actress INI EDO